Instant Ginger Milk Tea (Muz Brand)-300g

Tk. 850.00
  • Products from Thailand
  • Mixed Milk Tea (Contains the Value of Real Milk and Great Taste)
  • No Creamer
  • Coconut Flower's Natural Sugar
  • Low GI, Low Calorie (75 Calorie)
  • 12 Sachets X 25g
  • Net Wt. 300g


New experiences with MUZ ginger milk tea. MUZ selects only old gingers with an age of 12 months. With the secret recipe, MUZ creates a wonderful milk tea mixed with the spiciness of an amazing herb to obtain a unique taste: a hot, smooth, unique taste.

Coconut flowers Natural sugar is obtained from the extraction of coconut flowers; therefore, it is safe. And rich in complete nutrients, low glycemic index, and slow absorption (low GI).